Reduced mobility can cause pain and suffering, but it’s definitely a source of hard work, perseverance and endurance to overcome the disability and build a success.

That’s why WIE INSAT organized in its first edition « WIE OVERCOME » to assist disabled people and help them open their eyes to see their true abilities.

After contacting several centers, we chose AGIM : general association for people with reduced mobility to be our destination.

On 23 November 2018 we went to AGIM (general association for people with reduced mobility).

We started by decorating the computer science room to which we brought more colours. After that, we got to know the different students and we started off with a painting workshop.

Then, it was music time. We sang and dance together. We got the chance to hear some beautiful and dulcet voices, we could see their vivacity, joy and excitement.

To make this event more inspiring for the students , we invited 3 speakers with reduced mobility :

Mr Amine ben youssef : A lawyer;

Ms Aida lassidi :a psychologist ;

Ms Lobna smida : a painter.

It was so uplifting for the students, we saw their eyes sparkling when the speakers were talking, they kept asking them about their educational and social experience.


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