Wednesday, 21st of November, at 2pm, took place our “make your perfect pitch” workshop.

Our beloved Miss SAHAR BEN RACHED was there to show us the steps to follow in order to convince the listeners with your pitch.

Miss SAHAR has a fascinating experience with pitching. She has won the English debating championship before. Moreover, she has recently made a pitch in “Startup Istanbul” in Turkey to present her startup project in front of international investors.

First, she started highlighted the necessary lines that every pitch must contain. Second, she explained how to manage your time successfully and present all details in three or four minutes.

Finally, the workshop ended up with a simulation of a pitch at 4pm. This workshop is among our preparation to our next event “REC IT UP 2.0” in his second version which is a twenty-four-hour Entrepreneurial challenge about renewable energy. The first edition of REC IT UP was astonishing

to a point that made the magazine of region 8 talk about it.  

A huge thank you goes to Miss SAHAR who was kind enough to share her knowledge and make this workshop an ideal one.


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